A cute family of caveman live in a cave, in stone age. Enjoy by exploring the mysterious fun world of ancient era tens of thousands years ago.

Simply slide the boxes with identical faces of cave family members to smash them for fun and score. Use unique props and power-ups for the preparation of difficult levels.

Let’s start, to feel yourself in the ancient era, between caveman and his family members.


Caveman family match features:

Over 84 well-designed FREE levels are waiting for your challenge.

Play anywhere, anytime and fun will be with you all the time.

No time limit and no any cost you can share with friends and family members and of course with your loved ones.

Excellent graphics and stunning stone age music and sound effects will take you to the ancient world of more than 10000 BC.


How to play:

Link, slide, smash and match the identical faces to crush them for score points.

You can link the matching cave family faces, horizontally, vertically, diagonally, up and down in any direction you find the identical face in the adjacent boxes.

As many identical faces you link in a single move the more bonus score you’ll get and lvel will be completed very quickly.

Get higher score to get more stars in the levels you complete.

There are many more stages full of surprises, fun and enjoyment with luck and some brain exercise.

Be quick, be active and challenge your friends for level completion competition, keep having fun whenever you jump into the stone age!

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