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Do you love seeing your new born baby or your cute kids to be playful? Do you want your relationship with your kids to be more stronger and happy? Then you are at right place kids and toddlers love this puzzle game as well as parents enjoy linking their kids and loved one’s snaps linking for score. The moment when smiling faces are linked using hearts will doubles the joy.

This game is a beautiful gift to your kids and love ones. The game in which you can select your family and loved one’s snaps for fun. You will be matching the identical faces of your loved one’s i.e. Family members.

In this way, you would be earning points, the quicker you are, the faster you will earn the points and level up to get some more amusement at the next level.

Link the identical faces by sliding for fun and scores. You will get more powers and unique pops to play the difficult levels what may get you down owing to their difficult story line.

So, the core of the story is to match the identical faces of the family and you will be earning points and pops up to get this done.
There may be at some point, you would not be matching the identical faces, at this point slow down and only focus to see the similar faces rather than going so fast that you could not see the faces.

Family Fun Links is a fun to play a game. You can select your toddler’s daily snaps and have fun watching the smiling faces of your kid / toddler. A toddler would love to get their snaps on the palm of their hands.

There are about 84 well-designed levels of the game; the fun is not going to end.
The offline game, you can have it while traveling, waiting for someone, or a place where the internet signals are weaker.
The graphics of the game are the real street, the sound is amazing, your Family members are cuter than you ever imagined.
Completely free of cost game.
There is no restriction for any mobile phone or Android version; you can have this on all Android versions above 4.2.

How to Play it:
There is no rocket science about playing this Family fun Links, you can get to this game to play after getting it installed on your phone.
The only task you need to do is to match the identical faces and smash them to earn the scores and pops up.
There is no restriction about the direction of matching the faces, you can match them in any direction you find easy, from left to right, right to left, up to down, down to up any direction you want.
The point is you should be much focused to see the identical faces, the quicker you are, the higher scores you will earn in a single move.
The scores are directly proportional to the stars in every level of the game.
There are 84 levels of the game, many more stages, much more fun and amusement you are going to have just by sliding your finger on the phone’s screen.

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