Fortnite battle royal is one of the craziest battle royal games you ever could play. And this is no lesser than a shock about knowing the game coming for an Android phone. Yes, the game has arrived for the Android phones and using an Installer file the user can get it installed on high-ended smartphones. The mobile version of the game came with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and for the few days, the game was only available at the Samsung stores via Installer files.
But, now the game is on Android’ Play store, if you do not get it on Play Store, get the installer file and have this installed directly from the official website.

The gameplay of Fortnite:

I must say, Fortnite is one of the most loved, followed and played the battle royal game. The fame this game has earned is really astonishing, this has never seen in this history of battle royal games niche.
This is an FPS game in which 100 players take part in the gigantic battle and out of 100, only one will survive. The epic studio is behind the development of this game, and it is really impressive the way the adopted this game for the Android phones.
The gameplay, story, graphics are the perfectly same as for the Consoles and desktop version of the game.
The biggest engaging factor in Fortnite is the possibility of creating a building on the ground. You can build buildings to take the refuge into them, and go for the search of ammunition or monitor the back.
You need to discover the material to build more buildings and the invisible forces and barriers are the utmost importance to tackle with, they are there to shrink the design or expand it by using the hidden forces, stay alert through the game.

How to install Fortnite on Android phones?

As I said, still the game is not for the lower-ended smartphones, you need to have an high-ended device to bear the weight of this game.
You can have this game on Android’s Play Store if you are not up to installing or finding the file on Play Store, get the installer file from the official website
This will take you the official website, and from there you would get the game installed.
You need to install the updates to get the full features of this game.

Features of Fortnite Android:

  • Fortnite is amazingly different and highly addictive game to play on an Android phone.
  • The game is identical to the console and PC version just due to Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine.
  • The monetization system also the same to the PC version and consoles
  • The game is available free of cost, but there is some stuff which you need to buy.
  • You can play this game on multiform, epic has developed the system that allows you to play in PVP battles against other players on PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.
  • The graphics are amazing, the ammunition, weapons and other tools could be unlocked by leveling up the game.
  • This is one of the most popular games of 2018; you can have this now on your Android phone.

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