Do you love playing racing games? Racing games are gaining more fans attentions each passing day. Hot and Furious racer game is one of the best game to play on racing. You are going to drive a bike at furious speed, but try not to collide with other vehicles, as you will be dead on the spot.

Here, you are going to run the bike at blazing speed, and when you get this, it becomes harder to see what is coming next? And you should get the yellow coins coming to your ways but do not collide with a truck while getting the coins in your bucket.
Get the feels and thrills of running a bike, get your desired bike, dodge the traffic coming and past the traffic at the fastest speed on your bike.
You are free to run a bike, you are not following any man-made rules, and you are all set to become the fastest man on a bike.
Hot and Furious racer is free to play the game; you are going to get this without spending a single penny.
The coins coming to your ways, what you are collecting to level up, can get you killed. Sometimes, the coins come adjacent to the truck, and in the hassle of getting those coins, you may collide to the truck or vehicle.
At that blazing speed, you only need to focus on the road and dodge all of the traffic; this is your only goal.
Hot and Furious racer is an endless racing game, you are racing a bike at Highway, the speed is in your hand, the cool looking bikes are alluring you increase your speed and face the real challenge.
How to play hot and Furious racer?
It is the simplest game you ever can play. After getting it installed, and by launching it, you will be choosing the design of your bike.
That is the only info required to start the game, and in the very next moment, you will be racing the favorite bike at the blazing speed.
This is the game where you will be proving your racing skills, the more coins you get, higher the powers you will earn.
You can build the shields by upgrading and unlocking, which leads you to become non-stops at small collisions.
By doing this you will be unlocking the next new hot and furious bikes eagles and hunters.
The first level of the games might not get your interests, the initials levels are set to start the game, and they should be easy to play.
But, the next hardcore levels might get you down with its difficult gameplay and difficult to dodge traffic and other stuff.


  • One of the superb racing games you can play on your Android phone.
  • It is free to play a racing game; you get it free of cost, no in-app purchase items
  • The detailed science environment will intrigue you
  • Simple and easy controls
  • Upgrade to the shield to avoid small collisions and last long
  • The more coins you get, the more levels you unlock
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