You might have heard the news that Microsoft has launched a stream project to make it possible for the users to play Xbox games on computer, laptop, and mobile or tablet anything that can connect to the internet. This came after when the biggest giant of video games, Electronic Arts announces going to ignite streaming services. And the biggest competitor of Microsoft’s Xbox console, Sony has already started streaming services for PS2, and PS3 and a limited number of PS4.
So, it seems all leading players in the gaming world got the competition about getting into the game streaming, would it be possible in the light of limited internet bandwidth?

What is game streaming?

The concept of streaming is not anew, OnLive has done a great job in this, but could not grab the potential customers, and internet bandwidth came into their ways, and they broke off.
Let’s not discuss what the problems were, what led the OnLive to put this concept off.
You know Netflix, the biggest video-streaming platform around the world which has turned the television industry on its head. They offer originally produced thousands of serial, movies and TV shows to stream whenever you want.
So, the same concept is inherited for the video gaming, imagine the freedom to play any game from one platform, thousands of games, no downloads required and all come for a nominal monthly or yearly dues.
The concept is allowing the users to play a game after paying a nominal fee, chosen from the thousands of the games, and get the amusement without carrying any gaming consoles around.


But, the biggest problem is, gaming streaming and video streaming are two different jobs. Here on video streaming, one-way stem from the company’s services come to your device, while on gaming streaming, it is a two-way street.
When you provide an input to gaming streaming, the signal goes to thousands of miles away to the servers where the games are being run. And the result of that signal has to travel the same path to reach your device to show the output of that press.
So, the problems are broadband infrastructure and the distance.
When we see the servers, Microsoft and Google are leading in this niche.
Microsoft has servers in 54 regions and 140 countries; AZURE cloud computing system is going to help Microsoft to get the job done.
For Google, they got the biggest cloud network around the globe, and they recently have launched the project stream where they allow a limited number of people in the US to play Assassin’s creed Odyssey through their Chrome browser.
EA and other companies who want to dig into this Streaming world will have to arrange private servers to gain the same level.
So, assume, the companies got the solution for servers, what about a constant and fast internet connection, which is totally in the hands of telecommunication companies. And Google or Microsoft has no control over them- can you still play streaming games with a slow internet connection, NO..!
Streaming video games require at least 20 Mbps internet speed, and Google’s trial for the beta version of Assassin’s creed Odyssey are limited to US users with internet speeds of 20 Mbps.
An average user in the US gets 10 Mbps, so he may not be able to get play stream games on their devices.
But, one thing is for sure, streaming is the future of gaming, maybe after five years, we could increase the internet speed like the way fiber has done great job to enhance the internet connection speed.

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