Super Mario Odyssey is one of the great games of 2017. This game won arrays of accolades in different categories. This is not the first version of the series, but eighteen versions and the seventh version of the original 3D Super Mario games.
The game was appreciated owing to its story and features if you have not played this game, get your hands onto this game, and install it on an Android phone.

Game Play of Super Mario Odyssey:

The development of the game began after the last version of Super Mario 3D world was released, the developer behind the game; Miyamoto wanted the game to have more sandboxed-styled gameplay, like the way in Super Mario 64.
And Super Mario Odyssey returns with the sandbox-like gameplay, and explores the various areas from power moon to power of the Odyssey and jump from kingdom to kingdom.
Super Mario has his moves from the previous title, Ground pound jump, Long jump, Side somersault, and Triple Jump. A new Character also has been added named, Cappy which allies with Mario.
Mario gets the right use of the Crappy and uses it as an extra platform to bypass the universe and different obstacles.
Mario using allies Crappy to move the cross the long-distanced obstacles, and during the flight captures some of the enemies and certain objects and get controls of them.
The gameplay as I mentioned above is similar to the Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64 DS.
The story of the name Odyssey is very interesting, the Super Mario has its own ship named Odyssey, a hat shaped flying vehicles using which is over across the different kingdoms and obstacles and captures the enemies.
The life Meter of Mario has returned to the three health’s similar to the Super Mario, Mario also does not have any lives in this game.
Instead, the new addition, he will spend 10 coins upon dying, and the copy also can be controlled by the second player in Co-op mode of the game.

How to install Super Mario Odyssey:

You can download this game from the official site, and from here also we have given you the download link
If you want to get the app from the PC, connect your phone to the computer
And copy APK file to your computer, do not forget to change the installation settings to unknown source
Open the file and start installing the application on your phone; it will take a few minutes to get the job done.
The GTA V icon will be made on your phone, open it and download OBB data files.

Features of Super Mario Odyssey:

  • One of the best games on the series to get some entertainment on your phone
  • Use the Snapshot mode, where the player pause the game and takes pictures using Nintendo Switch’s down button.
  • No lives in this game, if the player dies, extra ten coins will have to spend upon dying
  • The game available in 14 languages
  • Players have the ability to alter the shots by zooming in and out
  • The Cappy can be used as an extra platform while flying from one obstacle to the other
  • The game has won many awards like Game of the year award at National Academy.

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